Bugzilla integration for KDE Project API

The KDE Bugzilla handles a lot of projects and they often match with the repo name, but not always. For instance we have ancient products and components at Bugzilla, as projects have a lifecycle from playground into Release Service, or Frameworks, sometimes with a change of name. So you may end up searching Bugzilla quite awhile for the correct product and component to be able to confirm or create bug reports against an application. Let's have a look at KPeople, and see why the situation is complicated. You find two products in KDE Bugzilla: kpeople (the repository's name) and on the other hand Frameworks have the scheme of a "frameworks-" prefix: frameworks-kpeople. From the data displayed even I as a developer am unable to tell which is the correct product to add new bug reports. Both have bug reports this year that got fixed and the number of bug reports is too low to get a clear picture of which to choose.

This is not only a problem of KDE; it is a general problem in different communities that it is hard for newcomers to find the correct place to search and add new bug reports.

That's why Debian added the bug report information for every package. This should help users to search the upstream bug reports or create new ones (Bug-Submit and Bug-Database): https://wiki.debian.org/UpstreamMetadata#Fields

While I was collecting this information for Frameworks and KDE PIM, I wondered why KDE does not have links between each project and Bugzilla. After some searching and discussions it became obvious, that KDE does not have this information that can be processed. Okay let's fix this. The obvious place to reach this information is the Project API available under https://projects.kde.org/api/. To reach this goal I began adding Bugzilla information to the data source of the Project API named Git Repo Metadata. Then a merge request later the Project API is able to generate the links to Bugzilla invent:sysadmin/projects-api!2.

Where you should search for bugs in kontact? Go to https://projects.kde.org/api/v1/identifier/kontact:

After implementing the needed bits I found out that Nicolas Alvarez had the same idea, to store Bugzilla information in Git Repo Metadata invent:sysadmin/repo-metadata@085d878ea. Fortunately I can say that since June the information are used by Project API.

So now, back to my task to add upstream metadata to Debian packages. After I filled the needed information to Repo Metadata I created a script to update the links in Debian salsa:qt-kde-team/pkg-kde-dev-scripts/function_collection/functions_plasma.py:addMissingBugMetadatafields. This should hopefully help to always point to the correct Bugzilla links in future.

A random list came to my mind of places that may benefit from the Bugzilla information in Git Metadata Repository:

  • Links from API documentation directly to the Bugzilla.
  • We can use this information in scripts that adds the new version to Bugzilla (e.g. invent:sdk/releaseme/plasma/plasma-add-bugzilla-versions has currently a static list of Bugzilla products).
  • For DrKonqui this information may also useful. The mapping binary -> bugzilla is currently handcrafted in invent:plasma/drkonqi/src/data/mappings. This is NOT the low hanging fruit, but maybe someone feels inspired to play with the available data and who is checking each handcrafted entry in that file to still be correct? The mapping repo -> binary we get by our CI, because when we build the stuff, we know what we built.

The truth is, that Nicolas is right that adding the Bugzilla links are a manual task. But on the other hand, let's add this information once at one place and than we can use it at several places.

Please help adding this information; it is simple a yaml file. If you see the data missing example commit and create a merge request. Or you can also give me the data and I'll add it.