Overhaul Enncryption Support in Kontact

For a long time I have been fixing issues behind the scenes to support Autocrypt and fixing bugs around encryption.

But the best crypto support does not help if it is too »

January/February in KDE PIM

Since the last summary two months ago we have seen the 21.12.3 patch releases of Kontact, and more than 1200 changes by 35 »

Autocrypt support in Kontact

Autocrypt support is now in Kontact! This has been several weeks of work. Autocrypt makes it easier for you to use encrypted messages, as is handles key transfer for you automatically.

There are several »

Bugzilla integration for KDE Project API

The KDE Bugzilla handles a lot of projects and they often match with the repo name, but not always. For instance we have ancient products and components at Bugzilla, as projects have a lifecycle from playground into Release Service, or Frameworks, »

Akademy 2019

At this year's Akademy I had great moments with new and already known people. Akedemy gives me much power for hopefully the rest of the year. I really enjoyed the daytrip to the lake. It was calm and beautiful environment. The daytrip helped me to »

Akademy 2018

You have probably read a lot about Akademy 2018 recently, and how great it was. For me it was a great experience too and this year I met a lot of KDE people, both old and new. This is always nice. I arrived on Thursday so I had one day to set »

KDE PIM sprint 2018

Attending the yearly KDE Pim Sprint in April in Toulouse was nice. For me it is often leaving a cold rainy Germany and arriving warm, almost summer weather with a lot of sun. This time the weather in Germany was also sunny and warm when I left, but »

Kontact on Debian

When coding at Kontact you normally don't have to care a lot about dependencies in between the different KDE Pim packages, because there are great tools available already. kdesrc-build finds a solution to »

Inital sync akonadi from commandline

When you start with Kontact you have to wait until the first sync of your mails with the IMAP or Kolab server is done. This is very annoying, because the first impression is that kontact is slow. So why not start this first sync with a script, and »

Current status for mailrendering in kube & kmail

In my last entry I introduced libotp. But this name has some problems, that people thought, that it is a library for one-time-passwords, so we renamed it to libmimetreeparser.

Over the the last months I cleanup and refactored the whole »